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Hey there,

Today I’ll share with you how building your first website will be so EASY. As usual is going to be a 5-minute fast read where you gonna find out what is a website, way to build a website, your first steps, and how you gonna feel when your site is almost ready.

build a niche website

For me building a website needs to be FUN and ENJOYABLE, so I can put the time and the work necessary to build it…and…honestly is not hard at all.

Without further ado, enjoy your fast read.



What is a website?

Is a set of related web pages located under a single domain name and published on at least one web server.

build a niche website

Basically think about your website like your house, where every page represents a room. Now, you can name your house and the same you will do with your website. Finally, your house will have an address the same with your website.

There are many types of websites out there and that’s way, I associate a website with a house. They come in different formats, different colors and of course different designs. That’s way, when you START to build your first website you don’t need to worry at all that your website is different, because, in my opinion, everybody is UNIQUE.

I will share with you some of the most general types of website that you can build:

  • personal website
  • affiliate website
  • commercial website
  • corporate website
  • organization website, etc.

As you can see, when you start to create your website you will have many, many options, but my recommendation is to have a DIRECTION before you start building.



    Way to build a website?

    Way NOT…

    First of all, is completely FREE, and now in the 21st century, you don’t need any technical knowledge. Literally, you can build a website for scratch in 30 seconds, and you will see this if you keep reading…

    The reason that I started to create a website is FREEDOM, which is very important for me. Personally, I treat my website like my real business, why?..because it is my REAL business + having a website gives me the change to share my knowledge with my audience, and vice versa. In my opinion, Each One Teach One!

    Generally speaking, there are 1000’s reasons way to build a website, but I will let you find yours. Now, if you are still interested, keep reading and you will find out how to do it…

    build a niche website




    Your first steps…

    As you already know I’m a proud member of the Wealthy Affiliate community, and I will show you how easy, fast and efficient is to build a website with WA.

    Step 1 – Find your Niche (your passions)

    Step 2 – Build your website around your niche

    Step 3 – Use the WA website builder ( you will have a website in 30 seconds)

    Now, that you have your niche, let’s me show you the next steps…

    WA gives you 3 option when you build your website:

    • On a free domain
    • On a domain I own
    • Register a domain

    build a niche website

    My recommendation is to choose the first option(on a free domain). I’m saying this because is FREE, but you can change this later on.



    Woohoo, you’re nearly done, now finish strong!

    Now that you chose what type of domain you will start creating your website, all you need to is to:

    • Choose a domain name for your website
    • Enter a title for your website
    • Choose a design for your website

    build a niche website


    build a niche website


    CONGRATULATION, now you have your first niche website !!! 🙂

    build a niche website

    Have a look at the benefits when you build a website using the Wealthy Affiliate Platform:

    • SiteSpeed
      Better Rankings, Better Engagement, and a 100% better experience for your website visitors. Proprietary WA Technology to speed up your WordPress Website without plugins or clunky software.
    • SiteSSL (HTTPS)
      Serve your website over 256-bit Encrypted Connections and do it at Wealthy Affiliate for FREE! Encryption is favored by search engines and keeps visitor data safe.
    • SiteProtect (Spam Blocker)The problem with plugin spam blockers is that the spam still hits your site, clutters your database, slows your site down, and wastes your time recovering real comments. WA SiteProtect happens at the server level and blocks ALL automated comment spam before it even hits your site. It’s just better.


    • you can build your first website on a free domain and if you already have a domain choose option 2, or you can register your own domain within WA.
    • your domain name needs to be relevant with the topic of your website
    • the title should reflect your domain name
    • WA gives you 4115+ WordPress themes, choose the one you like. (don’t stress too much because you can change it later)



      Now you have a niche website

      I’m sure you are surprised how easy it was. Now I hope all the overthinking is gone in regards to creating your FIRST website. Now is the time to celebrate 🙂

      Before you start celebrating, I want to advise you that this is a real business and like any business, needs commitment, discipline, and of course a plan. Don’t worry too much about this now, but I wanted to let you know is very important to treat your website like your REAL business, because it is!

      Be proud of your SUCCESS, and I assure you that this website that you just created can be the key to your success, but all depends on you.


      I encourage you to leave below, your opinion or ANY questions you have, about how to Build a Niche Website, and I promise to get back to you as fast as possible. I truly believe that if we combine our knowledge, WE can be a lot more SUCCESSFUL!


      This WA video shows you step by step on how to build a niche website in 30 seconds.


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