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Hey there,

Today I’ll share with you the SiteRubix Review… What is SiteRubix ?…

 is the world’s easiest website builder, that allows you to create your fully functional website in seconds.

As usual, before I start my review I want to give you an elevator pitch as to what SiteRubix is, and how it can help YOU and your online business…

If you want to START an online business, then the FIRST step is creating your WEBSITE. Imagine SiteRubix is the V12 engine for your online business, that will deliver power anytime you WRITE your new post or that amazing review. This engine is self-powered, and it functions with FREE fuel, that you can get, just by visiting any Wealthy Affiliate University.

Without further ado, please enjoy your review…



SiteRubix at a Glance…

Name: SiteRubix

SiteRubix – FREE Sign Up


Owners: Kyle & Carson (WealthyAffiliate founders)


Tools & Training:

Overall Rank:

Price: FREE




The Plus & The Minus, Let’s Keep It Real

The Plus:

  • SiteRubix is powered by which provides you with training, support, and tools.
  • The Wealthy Affiliate community provides your SiteRubix websites, support, coaching, and help.
  • SiteRubix builds websites that are responsive and adapt to any screen size (mobile/tablet ready).
  • SiteRubix gives you a platform to build any kind of free website that you like, with over 1000s of professionally designed website themes to choose from.
  • It has great features to help you extend your website functionality.
  • You can create your free website in seconds.
  • Your SiteRubix website is not only protected but kept optimized and functioning behind the scene.

The Minus:

  • Your domain name will look similar to “” 



Who Is The SiteRubix For, And Who Can Use It

SiteRubix is for anyone that wants to start his/her online career, by building a FREE website with all the premium features. If you find yourself in this description, then, Is for YOU!

As a WA member, I build my first website with SiteRubix, and I can tell you that literally takes 2 minutes, because it’s powered by Wealthy Affiliate.

My recommendation is to start your online journey with a free SiteRubix website. I’m saying this, because you have nothing to lose, and you can gain a lot of information and knowledge with NO upfront investment.



SiteRubix Tools & Training, In WA Style

Because is powered by WA, you will find all the tools and training, that makes the Wealthy Affiliate platform so famous. The access is made through the WA platform. I believe is a huge advantage, because you can control everything from one place:

  • Website Manager
  • Website Builder
  • Website Domains
  • Website Content
  • Website Comments
  • Website Feedback
  • Website Support

Also, you will get guidance on every step, from all the WA community, and of course from the Training Courses created by Kyle and Carson (WA founders), that will show you everything you need to know:

  • Online Entrepreneur Certificate Course
  • Affiliate Bootcamp Course

Having all the tools and training in one place, gives you a lot of control and efficiency, to build your dream WEBSITE.



SiteRubix Support, Its There For You

You will never get stuck, you have my word.


I’m telling you this because I use SiteRubix and WA community is so BIG and everyone has such good heart, that if you ever need a piece of advice, always somebody will be there for YOU.

In the SiteRubix website, you will see the ”Contact” menu, where you can directly ask any questions, or you can get your answers from the FAQ section.

With support from SiteRubix and Wealthy Affiliate, personally, I don’t see any reason for you to say… I don’t Know.



SiteRubix Price, A great Value For Money

How much does SiteRubix Cost? It’s

SiteRubix is FREE to get started, and you can have your WEBSITE up and running a.s.a.p.

Your SiteRubix membership provides you with:

  • STARTER Membership (2 free websites) – FREE
  • PREMIUM Membership (25 free websites, and 25 of your own domains) – $49/month or $359/year or (promo $19/month)

As you can see there is NO risk to get started.



SiteRubix, A ”switchAfilliate” Feedback

If you want to start your online business, then you will need a WEBSITE. To create a website is not hard at all, but in my opinion, especially in the beginning, you need a great platform and great support.

Well… SiteRubix is giving all of this plus more. If you want to give it a GO, you will see how fast and easy is to create your first website. And the best part… Is FREE.

I use it and is GREAT.



Note: To use SiteRubix for FREE, please have a look at =>>How To Join Wealthy Affiliate and if you decide that WA is for you, then GO for it!

P.S. I encourage you to leave below, your review/opinion or ANY questions you have, about JAAXY, and I promise to get back to you as fast as possible.

I truly believe that if we combine our knowledge, WE can be a lot more SUCCESSFUL





  • Marius

    March 15, 2019 - 7:46 pm

    Great review George, I used siterubix and I can say that your review is very accurate. I liked that you told us pros and cons of the platform and all features included in it as well. I know there isn’t a lot cons there, but I agree that only negative is your domain name doesn’t look very pretty. Overall it’s a great platform to start building your online business for free and everybody who want to start online business should give it a go and see is that path is for them. Thank you for great review.

    • George

      March 16, 2019 - 11:08 am

      Hey Marius,

      Thank you…I’m happy that you also use SiteRubix.
      Honestly, that was the only ‘cons’ i found. Yes… I agree with you…It is a great platform that everyone can use.

      See you in future posts!
      Best wishes!

  • roamy

    March 15, 2019 - 8:14 pm

    Thanks for sharing, I think it`s great that siteRubix gives you a chance to try things out free, this way, you have a chance to mess around(if you`re just getting started and never built a website before) before moving on to buy a domain.

    • George

      March 16, 2019 - 11:16 am

      Hey Roamy,

      My pleasure…’Each one teach one’ 🙂
      I totally agree with you. Anyone can mess around as much as they want, with no financial risk.
      Yes, after you understand how everything works, my recommendation is to buy your own domain. But if you want to still use the free SiteRubix, I assure you, you will have the same success.

      See you in the future post!
      Best wishes!

  • carol

    March 16, 2019 - 2:29 am

    I think SiteRubix is one of the best website builders. I used it to build my first website. Matter of fact, that’s how I got inspired to start an online business. I highly recommend SiteRubix to anyone who is wants to create a website.

    • George

      March 16, 2019 - 11:21 am

      Hey Carol,

      Yes, I agree it is the best free website builders. I tried a few myself, and still SiteRubix…rules 🙂
      It’s amazing that’s how you got started..and I’m sure you will have great success and thank you for your feedback.

      See you in the future post!
      Best wishes!

  • Kath

    March 16, 2019 - 10:55 am

    You are so right about SiteRubix! It is pure website building magic, the power behind it is so big and it is totally insane when you get your website indexed in Google…..and it all seems to be done by magic! But it isn’t magic, it is SiteRubix. Having used so many different website builders over the years, I have found the ultimate and I am sticking with it.

    • George

      March 16, 2019 - 11:25 am

      Hey Kath,

      Thank you…yes is magic. I know the feeling Kath, when your website get indexed for the first time in Google, and if you think about it, everything is possible thanks to a free website builder named Siterubix.

      See you in the future post!
      Best wishes!

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