What Is An Affiliate – 5 Minute Training


Hey there,

Today I’ll share with you the basic information about the Affiliate world. As usual is going to be a 5-minute fast read, where you will understand what is an affiliate, who can become one, what you need to do and of course how much money you can make.

This information, I believe will be valuable for you, especially if you want to become an affiliate, or even if you are one, it will be something for both sides.

Without further ado, enjoy your quick training !



What Is An Affiliate

An Affiliate is a person that sells products or service for other online company for a commission, percentage of a sale or a flat fee.

Here I need to elaborate more, by telling you that an affiliate is not only in the online environment. You can follow the same definition of an affiliate in your day to day life. I’ll give you an example:

if your work for company ”X” and you need to sell their products or services to company ”Y” or to any other customer, and you do this for a commission, percentage of a sale or a flat fee, YOU can call yourself an Affiliate.

Is not that hard to understand, and I’m sure you’ve got the idea.



Who Can Become An Affiliate

I’ll start by asking you a question:

  • Do you have a passion or a hobby?

If the answer is YES, then 100% YOU can become a SUCCESSFUL affiliate.

We all have different passions and hobbies, and we can leverage this also for our financial advantage, only if we take the time to share it with other people that might be interested. Again, allow me to give you an example:

Mr. ”X” works in a famous bike repair center for 10 years. He loves his job, is his passions. Today he is starting his first website and starts to share his experience on his website.

Mr. ”X” starts to be known in his filed (online authority), and besides helping people with his posts, he also recommends the best bikes through his website. Long story short….if anyone buys the bike through his website, Mr. ”X” will EARN a commission from the company that sells the bikes.

Anyone can become an AFFILIATE, you just need to take action, find a market niche, do some homework and start the process. But please, do it from pleasure and always with the mindset to HELP PEOPLE.



What You Need To Do

Well… is very simple. If I was you, I would do this:

First, you need to find a Market Niche (is the subset of the market on which a specific product is focused).

Second, you need to create a FREE website, where you will give meaningful content.

Third, you do the necessary work until you become an authority online (you are known and respected in your filed)

Fourth, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

Honestly is a simple as that. Sometimes I believe we need to reduce the overthinking and START taking ACTION. I’ll be honest, it can be difficult in the beginning, but after a while, everything will take shape.



How Much Money Can You Earn

It only depends on YOU.

What I mean, is that the more your put ”in” the more you will get ”out”. As an affiliate you will have multiple streams of income, coming from multiple online businesses that you will have over time.

My advice is, especially in the beginning, to start to do the necessary work NOT for money, but for people. Remember, the more you help with meaningful content the more YOU will be trusted and money WILL come.

I’m sure you heard about the term. ”passive income”…well… becoming an affiliate this will be your key phrase.



Do What’s Best For You

Now I hope you have a better understanding of what is required to become an affiliate. If you want to start this journey, please do some ”homework” first. You can look for some professional help as well…you will get plenty to choose from.

Me, I use the Wealthy Affiliate University as a learning platform…you can do the same or you can find something else.

As I said, DO what is best for you, but TAKE ACTION !!!


I encourage you to leave below, your opinion or ANY questions you have, about Affiliates, and I promise to get back to you as fast as possible. I truly believe that if we combine our knowledge, WE can be a lot more SUCCESSFUL !



  • Matt's Mom

    March 19, 2019 - 4:19 pm

    I have considered becoming an affiliate marketer. I have a few questions. First, how long does it really take to start seeing an income from this? I would think that if you have really good marketing skills and a good niche, that you can do fairly well right? But, don’t you make a very small commission and doesn’t it take a LOT of sales to make anything decent? Seems like this is a very slow process.

    • George

      March 20, 2019 - 1:16 pm

      Hey Leahrae,

      This I great news…I’ll do my best to answer your questions…

      1. It totally depends on you, how much effort you put in, and of course, the product/service that you are promoting. In can be in the first 3 months or after one year.

      2. Yes…but this is not the most important thing. I believe that the marketings skills you can learn them, but more important than this is to have a great niche that you are passionate about.

      3. Yes and No…depends how you see it. Personally, I’m aiming to become an authority online. About the financial aspect, I agree with you but I can mention that the commission depends on the price of the product that you recommend.
      For example: if you promote a product/service for $20, you get 6% (affiliate commission)…or…you can promote $2000 product/service, and you 6% (affiliate commission)…see the difference?

      It is a slow process, but keep doing it, and think about it as, a long term business. The more you help the more you earn.

      Now.. I hope that my answers are meaningful for you, and keep writing for your future!

      See you in the future post,
      Best Wishes!

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